Monday, December 17, 2012

Another attempt

Here are a few more pictures of Bowser being festive... because awww.
Also, I found out he's on the front page of 9GAG right now. Hello, fellow internet users!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

Except Bowser. Sorry, little dude. He's just upset because we don't have a tree for him to destroy this year.

Let's first start out with an adorable picture from his first Christmas, in 2009.

Fast forward 3 years later. I found an adorable little Santa outfit at the dollar store and decided to try my luck and get a couple cute pictures. Bowser WAS NOT having it.

I will try and take some better ones tomorrow. Perhaps he will cooperate more, although it is doubtful.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cuddle time with daddy

Lookit that face! <3

This is what MY cuddle time with Bowser looks like. Him, sitting next to me all proper and staring at me like I am the greatest person on Earth.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Vacuum Monster

Like most cats, Bowser does not like the vacuum cleaner (or the ice maker, garage doors, stomping feet, or kids, for that matter). He always used to hide under the bed when I would clean the house, but our new bed in the master bedroom doesn't have a frame underneath. I locked him in that room a while ago hoping to save some grief from the vacuum monster, and when I was done I couldn't find the damn cat anywhere. I seriously thought he vanished. I searched for him for half an hour and found nothing but little clumps of Bowser hair lying around that probably fell out in a panic.

A view of the room:

I thought I looked everywhere, until I saw this:

Poor dude.

He stayed there for nearly 3 hours, no matter how much coaxing I did with treats and toys. I felt like the worst mother ever.

One problem with Bowser is that you can't tell if he is happy or angry because he has the same expression at all times. After a couple hours in his makeshift sleeping bag, I realized that he didn't want to come out because he was quite happy where he was, and even purring.

Today is cleaning day, so I will be taking out the dreaded vacuum once again. I have to clean the apartment in two stages to give Bowser ample time to find a new hiding place while I move throughout the rooms. Otherwise he flips out and I feel like he's going to have a kitty heart attack. I arranged the pillows nicely on the bed, and the sheets are nice and clean so hopefully he will have a nice place to hide today.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bowser's First Christmas

I don't know what to talk about, so here are some pictures of a kitten in a Christmas sweater. YOU'RE WELCOME.

My all time favorite:

Around December I started to notice his eyes were changing colors. They were completely grey when I got him, but they started turning all shades of blue, green, brown, and yellow. I had no clue what the end result would be. They were cute though. This was also around the time when I realized he made the best facial expressions EVER, and that I needed to document him more.

I could have sworn his eyes were turning brown or copper, but almost overnight they went from this weird color mix to bright green.

I'm almost through with kitten pictures, and soon I can move into Bowser's angry old man look! Hooray!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A few more kitten pictures

It's so weird to look back on baby pictures of Bowser. I can't believe he was ever that small and how grey his eyes were! As adorable as he was, I'm so glad he's over his kitten phase. He was so naughty!

This is the first picture I have of him, taken the day I brought him home (Halloween 2009).

He and his litter mates were born with umbilical hernias, so his belly was shaved when I got him. The little spots were so cute!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's start from the beginning!

     Let me just begin by saying that I am not a writer. In fact, I hate writing with a passion. I just can't do it, which is why this blog will mainly be filled with lots of cat pictures. I think my brain is too jumbled up to form words correctly. Surely that's a thing, right? I'm a psych major, I should probably know brain stuff. 
     I always grew up with cats, and when I moved away for college in 2009, I couldn't bring my two with me. I was living in a house with a roommate who had a puppy, who was adorable, but I missed having cats. He finally gave in and let me get one, under two conditions; 1) it wasn't a kitten, and 2) it didn't have claws. Well there's no way I was ever going to declaw a cat, so I started stalking shelters looking for the right declawed kitty to bring home. Anyone can tell you that I love all cats, but none of them seemed like a good fit. I eventually I found one and was ready to sign the papers, when I was told I was not allowed because of my age (I was 19 at the time).
     I was so upset, but we decided to check out a Petco adoption fair just to look around. Even though I had to get an adult cat, I still loved looking at the kittens because, well, they're kittens. But then I saw a little grey fluffball hiding in the back of a cage I thought was empty. His name was Jack, and the rest of his litter had been adopted and he was all alone. He looked up at me and I burst out laughing because he looked SO MEAN, but I kinda liked it. I asked the coordinator if I could hold him and she let me, and he immediately started purring and fell asleep in my arms. I knew I had to have him, but 1) he was a kitten, and 2) he had claws. Sorry, Reid, this cat was mine. I took him home and he went nameless for a couple days because nothing I came up with suited his looks. I finally came up with Bowser, and it just stuck. 
     Anyways, as much as I refer to Bowser as "angry" he is NOT. He is the sweetest kitty you will ever meet, and has even converted dog-lovers into Bowser-lovers. He never uses his claws, not even to scratch furniture or play, demands cuddles every morning, and poops dutifully in his box (uh, usually).  

Here are a few pictures from his first days home with me:

The picture from his adoption papers. D'awwww.

Best friends!

And a couple cute videos, because AWW.